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Houston, we have a problem

Posted on: November 15, 2011 12:07 am
Edited on: November 15, 2011 12:14 am
looks like trouble in Houston
When I hear the name Matt Leinart, I think of Eli Manning.  Kurt Warner will go down in history, in my opinion, as a better QB than Eli.  And yet in NY Kurt sat so the Giants could play their franchise draft pick.  Regardless of who gave them the better chance to win.  

The same cannot be said for Leinart.  Same situation, and yet he was deemed not good enough.  Even after Warner retired, he was let go.  Not even good enough to keep on the team, let alone take over once Kurt retired.  Houston would be better off letting Ben Tate throw.  

Granted Leinart will have a running game he didn't have durring his opportunities in Arizona, where they required a Quarterback who could *gasp* throw the ball accurately.  But seriously, who can miss a target like Fitz?

Every year all the experts predict the Texans will show something.  And they will make the playoffs this year, without question.  But if they host a game, I predict a home blowout in favor of the visitors.  Sad, really.

I was hoping for a Texans superbowl run.  Its entirely possible.  With a great running game they can keep Brady off the field, and who can't score on NE these days anyway?  Save the Jets.  I think they could have contended with the Ravens or Steelers as well.  With a Peyton-less Colts team spear-heading to join the Lions in infamy, it was all lining up for Houston...look what they were doing without Andre Johnson

Texans fans, take a lesson from Cubs fans and get 'em NEXT YEAR

PS- ignore the over-used title

J. Michaels

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 9:29 am

Houston, we have a problem

I appreciate that the Texans are more than the QB, much much more.  But in the playoffs you need to win shootouts sometimes.  If Brady catches fire, Leinart can't play catch up.  I think of the loss to the Saints when I say that. Houston has a REALLY good team this year, and I was looking at them as favorites to represent the AFC in the SuperBowl...I just don't see it with Matt Leinart.  Realistically, I hope you are right.  I want to see some new blood in there.  best of luck

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 4:39 am

Houston, we have a problem

Kolb and Skelton had trouble hitting Fitz....with the exception of a few games. Leinart is a capable QB, and that's all the Texans need.  All he needs to do is manage the game.  The Texans won't need him to win any games with his arm, although he will have a great receiving core, with AJ back, Daniels, Walter, Foster (out of the backfield..he has more receiving yards than alot of quality WR's), Dressen has stepped it up too, and there's Jacoby Jones (who should ne a #1 WR, but plays like a #3). Leinart missed Fitz because ZONA had no run game, and Larry was almost always double teamed.  The Texans are a completly different team on D this year with Wade Phillips st DC, and the addition of J Joseph.  Schaub has forced the issue too many times this year, with no reason to. With a top 10 QB, the Texans would possinly be undefeated.  The only opposing D that could stop the Texans O was Schaub!  He lost the Raider game almost single-handedly, same story vs the Ravens and Saints.  If anything, Leinart is a better fit "this year"!.  Sure, Schaub would post better numbers than Leinart, but we don't need that this year, with the best RB duo in the league.

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